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The theme of this collection is based around the phenomena “Pangaea”. Pangaea is a tale of transformation, movement and continuity. Somewhere around 250 million years ago, when the world was a singular, unified continent called Pangaea, a Super Continent. This landmass slowly fractured and drifted apart into our current global landscape through deep shifts beneath the Earth’s surface.

The setting of the print design includes a visualised transformation of Pangaea and seven religious symbols, representing the societal shifts that further separate us from each other. The element of hope to re-bond this global division is the pattern of koi fish. This auspicious fish represents the courage, perseverance and fortune needed to reconcile our fragmented world.

A Love Declaration

AMOR MONDIAL elevates the spoken word with this collection. Monica uses her own voice recording of the words “I love you” in Dutch and Spanish. A love declaration illustrated within a mosaic shaped mandala rippling outward from the centre.

An endless wave of visual sound.


This wearable declaration of love is printed on the Silk Kaftans and Maxi dress in three colors and Bikini Sol and Nanook. It consists of a blend of 

vibrant colors and natural hues. Kissed by the sun, the colors fade from dark to light. 

The long, silk dress Amor is the cornerstone of the collection. Bikinis Sol and Nanook contain details of the print and pair well with the kaftans and dresses.

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